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Today’s article is all about time – a commodity that can be in short supply in business, both small and large.

Let’s start with how much time is spent in the business compared to ON the business. Business owners and managers all recognise that they need to spend time ON the business (planning, strategy, marketing and other administrative tasks) and now they need to add another bow to their string by managing their social media presence.

“My goodness! I don’t have time to waste on Facebook / Twitter /Pintrest / Google+ etc” are the words most commonly used. ‘Wasting’ time on social media is the first hurdle to get over. Time spent on social media marketing and communication is only wasted if it is not directed to the intended (and engaged) audience.

Knowing what content to post is half the journey, next is when to post it. Scheduling tools are very useful for a business’ main tools but it doesn’t mean schedule and forget. A business needs to check back for the interaction through the social media forums.  This is where the conversations and online relationships with potential customers are forming. Check out this article from Social Media Connect about  the popular and free scheduling Facebook tools.

Scheduling posts means that a business can set aside a block of time in a week and plan out the social media activity. It is very important to check back on the content that is planned in the event of a wider public occurrence (floods, fires, etc) to ensure that material is not seen to be insensitive or inappropriate.

0da285d6430e196a058340415a13998fHow much time should be spent on social media communication? There is no definitive answer. Every business is different and has different needs. Points to consider are:

  • How many social media platforms is a business using
  • How much content do they have
  • What interaction are they getting from their fans / followers

Some forums require more interaction – think Twitter and Facebook, others are less time sensitive. Trip Advisor and similar  customer review sites should also be considered as social media.

Responding to feedback and comments is just as important as putting the original content out there. Potential customers like to see how a business has responded to good and bad reviews.

Setting aside small portions of the administrative day allows a business owner to check into social media and make the appropriate responses in a timely manner but does not consume hours of the day.

Planning out the content to match business events, marketing promotions,  anniversaries and other highlights strengthens and streamlines the message going out. Potential customers know what it is the business is telling them and the message isn’t getting lost amongst other ‘noise’.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share amongst your social networks.

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