Getting Started?

With all the noise about social media, many small businesses may be asking what use is a social media profile for them? How will it attract more customers to their business?

The first question a business owner should ask themselves is – Who is my customer? Who could be my potential customer? Where do my current customers talk about me to other potential customers?

If the answers indicate that your customer demographic is likely to be using social media to communicate with their friends and other networks about their day and events, then it is likely that your business needs to get into the conversation.

So the next question is – Do I (as a busy small business operator) have the time to spend scrolling through Facebook, updating my Twitter account, adding an article to Google+ and networking on LinkedIn? If you have identified that this is where your customers are talking, then finding the time becomes a marketing requirement for your business.

How much time? Well this does depend on what your business is selling and what you want to engage with your customers and potential followers about. Do you want them to know all the fine details of your working day or do you want to post one story / image per day or even only a couple of times a week. What you post or how frequently will come down to whether you have the content to post. Cute pictures of baby animals may not be the most appropriate message for your business.

Think about what is relevant, follow similar business, ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ or ‘share’ anything that it interesting but relevant to your business. This helps with your networking, make your name with other industry professionals.

Think about what you like to see in your news feeds and decide what content suits your business.