Choosing your digital platform

Once you have decided that your business does need a digital voice, there is now the decision of which platform (s) to use. Which will suit your business best? Is your business very visual? Can you take regular new images on a daily basis? Well perhaps Instagram may suit you best but you can also use Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter for your imagery.

It brings you back to the question of who is your intended audience, what platforms are they communicating on? If you already have a social media presence then a quick look at your analytics may give you the answer to that question, however this is assuming that you are directing your customers to your website or other sales area that can track the origin of the transactions.

The all important questions to ask are: what is your business, who are your customers / intended audience, where are they finding you, how easily can they find your business details. The ‘when‘ comes in as ‘when‘ do you have the time to manage your content. Social (or digital) media content is now required to be current and relevant. A potential customer looking at your page / profile/ account that sees no activity for a month or more, can rightly assume that this is a forum where they can’t contact you and expect a response in a reasonable length of time. 

Having current content and images creates a good first impression and gives the potential customer confidence in contacting you with their business enquiry.

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